About Us

George Roberts 1957-2013

George started Master Machine Manufacturing over 34 yrs ago. MMM is a family owned and operated company. Over the last 10 years MMM added 10,300 sq. ft. and nearly 18 new CNC Haas Machines and Debt free. Why debt free? Because, we believe we’re called to be out of debt and it allows us to be functional during the hard economic times. We are here for the long run!

In 2013 George was diagnosed with an illness. In three short months George passed away, but his company and his standard of quality lives on. Master Machine is still family operated, by his Fmaily. We believe your word should still have value and we stand behind ours. We have core values that makes us different and unique.


We will strive for the highest standard, to provide the best product.


We will do the right thing, even if no one is watching.


We will measure twice and cut once.

Fairness and Honesty

We will be marked by

impartiality and transparency.

Respect for Others

We will think of others higher than ourselves and treat them as such.

Hard Work

We are devoted to working as hard as we can for as long as we can.


We will work with each other, for each other.

Problem Solving

We will be creative and thorough in our approach to solving problems.


We will not settle; we will look to do more and do better


We will say yes before the questions is asked